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Delivering Accounting Services Remotely

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The world is more digital than ever before.

Digital technologies offer new ways to deliver accounting services of all kinds. While many opportunities exist for accounting firms to automate back-end processes, collaboration portals offer a unique opportunity to change the client’s experience of working with your firm. Both compliance and advisory services can be elevated through collaboration technologies. They become one of the most prominent aspects to clients of your service delivery and communication. When all clients provide information to an accounting firm via a single collaboration platform, challenges such as project management, accountability, and deadline delivery become far more manageable.

More transformational automation opportunities become possible.

This guide has been developed to help teams understand and implement the techniques important to successfully collaborating with clients. Allowing accounting firms to perform services more effectively and maximize the value delivered to clients. These tips and techniques come from our experience over many years performing accounting services. They will help you work in new, more valuable ways to deliver a new experience to your clients.


1. Information Requests

2. File Exchange

3. Project Management

4. Portfolio Working

5. Obtaining Transactional Data


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