Inflo Digital Audit Demo Videos

Explore our series of short videos and see for yourself how Inflo's real time, cloud based platform transforms the client experience and audit quality.

Real time access to data

Work smarter, not harder.

Inflo Digital Audit - real time access via cloud platform 2021

Data driven audit

Improve the quality of your audits.

Inflo Digital Audit - data-driven audit

Innovative methodologies

Provide an interesting staff experience.

Inflo Digital Audit - innovative methodologies and techniques

The client experience

Impress clients and attract new ones.

Inflo Digital Audit - new client experience

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Our Centre of Excellence team demonstrate the new capability of Inflo Workpapers. 

You will learn a new way to efficiently perform the audit, using innovative methodology, with integration into our data analytics tools that provide the right technology at the right activity.

Is your firm Digital Audit ready?

The digital transformation opportunities available to audit firms are significant.  Knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle.
Inflo’s Digital Audit readiness program helps you assess the current state of your firm and simulate a future vision.  Helping you define a long-term digital strategy and breaking digital transformation into practical, manageable steps.





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Andrew Moyser, Head of Audit Innovation, Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson has given a glimpse into his firm’s adoption of Inflo, how the platform is being applied and the benefits that both the firm and their clients have seen.

Customer success

We recently caught up with Anthony Woodings, Business Services Partner at Hurst Accountants to get some insights into why they adopted the Inflo platform and their experience of using it to date.


We recently caught up with Ellie Dignam, Digital and Innovation Lead at BHP to get some insights in their experience of using Inflo’s Collaborate module that supports secure file collaboration and effective workflow management with clients.


Since launching in November 2016 Inflo has been embraced by the accounting profession and is leading a technology revolution. 

Inflo is a cloud platform providing an end-to-end data analytics solution, including data ingestion, process automation and analytical dashboard outputs. Inflo is intuitively designed to minimise training and integrates with existing software and methodologies to minimise the impact of change.

Learn how you can benefit from our Digital Audit technology