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Inflo Insights: Julia Penny - Key Considerations for Auditors on ISQM 1 and ISQM 2 

This interactive guide focuses on the new quality management standards and what firms should be considering as they look to implement these new standards as discussed by Julia Penny, JS Penny Consulting and Mark Edmondson, CEO Inflo as part of the Inflo Conversations Series.

Read our free guide for a deeper dive in to ISQM 1 and ISQM 2. 


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This 16-page guide includes key insights such as: 

  •  What are the new Quality Management Standards and what they mean for firms.

  • Designing a system of Quality Management.

  • Implementation of the Quality Management Standards.

  • Scalability and striking the balance for implementation.

  • How technology can help.

  • What comes next - beyond implementation.

  • Firm Culture, attracting and retaining talent.

Everything you need to know...

Catch up with the key takeaways from a conversation with Julia Penny, Founder JS Penny Consulting, and Mark Edmondson as they discuss the new quality management standards outlined in ISQM 1 and 2 and what firms should be considering as they look to implement these standards.  The full conversation can be heard in our on-demand webinar. 





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