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The webinar

Mark E - New - Gradient

Mark Edmondson
CEO, Inflo

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Gavin Black
Partner & Head of Audit, Henderson Loggie

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Talking points

HubSpot Video

Client collaboration and innovation

Adopting a digital approach for growth

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Digital audit challenges and learnings

plus... new ways of collaborating with clients, using data analytics to enhance client insight , moving towards a fully Digital Audit and the benefits for clients and staff

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Methodology Insights

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Go beyond simply housing the required procedures and work performed to become the driver of a transformational approach.

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Audit Data Analytics

Data-driven approach provides the first audit methodology to
fully embed ADAs across the end-to-end audit process.

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Covering entity risk, assertion level risk, controls, substantive analytical procedures, substantive audit data analytics, no sampling caps with a worked example.

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The Digital Audit methodology provides a streamlined and highly effective approach to planning audit engagements.

A New Audit Methodology for the Digital Era Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Providing a clear structure for audit work responding to risk, Inflo’s risk assessment is a cornerstone of the Digital Audit methodology.


Response to risk

Our latest guide in our Inflo Insights series looks at the approach to designing the response to risk within the Digital Audit methodology.

About Inflo...

The digital revolution is here. The potential benefits for accounting firms are significant. Firms leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies and navigating new ways of working are adding value for their clients and staff.  

Inflo’s Digital Audit methodology offers the world’s first data-driven  and customer-centric audit solution. 

Accountancy Software of the Year DAF 2021 - Inflo

Customer success

Andrew Moyser, Head of Audit Innovation, Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson has given a glimpse into his firm’s adoption of Inflo, how the platform is being applied and the benefits that both the firm and their clients have seen.

We recently caught up with Anthony Woodings, Business Services Partner at Hurst Accountants to get some insights into why they adopted the Inflo platform and their experience of using it to date.

We recently caught up with Ellie Dignam, Digital and Innovation Lead at BHP to get some insights in their experience of using Inflo’s Collaborate module that supports secure file collaboration and effective workflow management with clients.




Since launching in November 2016 Inflo has been embraced by the accounting profession and is leading a technology revolution. 

Benefit from our Digital Audit technology...