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What Modern US Businesses Want From Their Audits

How to stay relevant in a digital world
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The US accounting model must modernize to keep pace with the increasing demands of clients.

When it comes to audits, the drive for innovation has been met with continued delay and frustration, despite a strong appetite among firms to embrace change.

Auditors’ clients are now feeling the impact.  

To better understand the implications of delayed innovation, we conducted landmark research polling companies across the United States. 

We set out to discover the challenges businesses face, what they want from their audits, and how the industry can respond. Our goal is to unlock the potential of the US audit industry to help firms drive business growth and stay relevant to modern, digital-first businesses. 

Download our free research to find the answers to: 

  •  What do businesses and their finance teams think of the audit process?  
  • To what extent are audits hindering business growth?  
  • What opportunities do businesses want to unlock? 
  • What do businesses want from their audit firms? 

 and much more… 

About Inflo

At Inflo, we are paving the way for auditing teams to break free from age-old processes that are holding them, and their clients, back. We are here to help auditors and their clients look beyond everyday auditing pain points, once and for all