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The Digital Audit methodology’s data-driven approach provides the first audit methodology to fully embed ADAs across the end-to-end audit process. Leveraging the increased availability of financial data and Inflo’s award winning data acquisition capabilities, the Digital Audit
methodology puts advanced ADAs at the fingertips of auditors. This automates manual tasks while improving the quality of work, the experience of staff and the value provided to clients.

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This 7 page guide includes: 

  • Preliminary analytical review 
  • Ratio analysis (RADA)
  • Visualization interrogation (SADA)
  • Management override testing (SADA)
  • Revenue testing (SADA)
  • Concluding analytical review (RADA)
  • Data acquisition and ingestion
  • Procedure-level integration

Everything you need to know...

Inflo’s Digital Audit methodology transforms the audit process. It takes a truly data-driven approach, while harnessing the power of digital workflow to achieve a more efficient and higher quality audit - yielding a vastly improved staff and client experience. The Digital Audit methodology has many differentiators from traditional audit methodologies.

In this series we outline some of the unique functionality utilized within the methodology and how it supports auditors. This article covers the planning activities within the methodology.




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